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Past Events

St. Louis Institute of Nanoscience & Nanomedicine Symposium 2014

Saturday, November 22, 2014
Saint Louis University

SLINN 2014


Research & Innovation Week at UMSL

April 21 - April 25:  Join Us for an Exciting Week!
The 2014 Research & Innovation Week at UMSL offers a variety of interesting sessions as we celebrate UMSL's researchers and innovators.

St. Louis Institute of Nanoscience & Nanomedicine:
Translating Science into Economic Development
Saturday, May 4, 2013
Millennium Student Center (MSC) - UMSL campus

Poster submissions and Elevator Pitch submissions will be accepted through April 16, 2013.  Please check the website for instructions.

Academic Alliance Seminar - Presented in conjuntion with the FBI-St. Louis
Tuesday July 24, 2012
JC Penney Building - UMSL campus
Summit Lounge
Registration Begins at 7:30 am
Seminar 8:00 am - 1:00 pm
Topics Presented:
J. Reece Roth/University of Tennessee Investigation
Doing Business Overseas
Glenn "Duffie" Shriver Investigation
Please contact Kendra Perry ( for more information and to RSVP


SLIN symposium

On Saturday February 13, 2010, UMSL, WU, SLU, and SLCC hosted the first annual St. Louis Institute of Nanomedicine symposium. Supported by Missouri Life Sciences Reserach Board, The St. Louis Institute for Nanomedicine primarily serves to advance the safe and effective use of nanotechnologies to reduce death and suffering from human disease. The Institute will provide resources and infrastructure to facilitate regional interdisciplinary research collaborations by sponsoring:

* Fundamental research of nanoscale materials, structures, devices, and pharmaceuticals for early detection of life-threatening diseases.

* Translational research in the context of nanotoxicology for understanding biological and environmental response to nanomaterials.

* Technology transfer of scientific breakthroughs toward commercialization through an entrepreneurial pathway to connect academia with local industries and ventures.

* Education and workforce development of leaders who will support responsible development of nanotechnology.

Recently UMSL, WU, SLU, and SLCC (July 16, 2009) celebrated a collaboration between the four colleges/universities to create the St. Louis Institute of Nanomedicine. This kick off event will be held from 3:00 pm-6:00 pm at the CORTEX building on Forest Park Parkway.

The recent emergence of nanoscience as a key approach to innovation in advanced materials has sparked a similar interest in the application of its principles to the fields of biomedical diagnostics, therapeutics, and basic cell physiology. The overarching goal of the new St Louis Institute of Nanomedicine sponsored by the Missouri Life Sciences Research Board is to advance the safe and effective use of nanotechnologies to reduce death and suffering from human disease. The St. Louis Institute for Nanomedicine is a joint venture sponsored principally by leading local academic institutions that will assemble a broad base of regional expertise in the nanotechnology, medicine, technology transfer, and education to create novel solutions to complex health care problems. Founding partners include: Washington University, University of Missouri at St Louis, St Louis University, and the St Louis Community Colleges. The Institute will develop viable approaches to foster collaborations between multinational industrial and regional academic partners, and seek to leverage local financial and community resources to grow the regional biotechnology enterprise.


NIBIB seminar

April 30, 2009

The Center for Nanoscience and the Office of Research at the University of Missouri-St. Louis will be hosting the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB), National Institutes of Health (NIH) Grantsmanship Seminar on Thursday, April 30, 2009 at the IT Enterprises building.

SCIFEST 2008 at the St. Louis Science Center

From the science of chocolate and the physics of rock & roll, to climate change and the future of cancer research, SciFest 08 is a festival where everyone can engage in science.

The heart of SciFest is made up of hour-long sessions presented by world-renowned scientists and experts. All sessions are ticketed separately so you can choose the topics that appeal to you and put together a personalized Festival package.

SciFest also includes a free showcase of spectacular science demonstrations, experiments and activities throughout the Science Center on all five days. Special Young Scientist Workshops and the SciFest Film Fest in the OMNIMAX Theater round out the Festival and guarantee there will never be a dull moment at SciFest

We look forward to seeing you at SciFest 08, October 9-13, 2008, at the St. Louis Science Center.


Center for Nanoscience Open House

The Center for Nanoscience recently hosted more than 250 people at its open house on October 30th, 2007, including state legislators, congressional staff and industry executives. Businesses represented at the event included Apath, Boeing, Covidien/Mallinckrodt, CrossLink, MEMC, the Mo-Sci Corporation, Monsanto, Pfizer, PolyAd Services, Rockwood Pigments, Sigma-Aldrich, Solae, Solutia, TA Instruments, W.R. Grace and many others. The CNS received regional, national and international media coverage on the current and planned cutting edge collaborative research within the center during this event. "Spirit of Innovation" newsletter, November 2007

If you have an interest in touring our facilities please contact CNS.

For more information please contact Kendra Perry

(314) 516-4626