On this page you will find information about the UMSL Invention Disclosure Evaluation along with the License Revenue Distribution model used at the University of Missouri.

Invention Disclosure Evaluation and Commercialization Pathways

The flowchart below shows each stage of the disclosure evaluation process. After the initial review stages, and at intervals through the evaluation, the disclosure file is reviewed to determine whether to invest University resources. In many cases, the need for a decision will be in response to an upcoming deadline. → Download Evaluation Flowchart (PDF)


Invention Disclosure Evaluation Flowchart



Distribution of License Revenues

PATENT RIGHTS - Inventions & Discoveries
Any income resulting from licensing patent rights are distributed among the inventor, the inventor's department, and the University (per UM Collected Rules & Regulations 100.020):

Before expenses:

After expenses and inventor's share are deducted, the remaining income is divided and distributed as follows:

Revenues brought in from licensing copyrights are distributed as follows (per UM Collected Rules & Regulations 100.030) after an administration fee to the TTED: