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Search for Technologies Available to License

UMSL technologies can be found on three online databases:

  • AUTM Global Technology Portal (GTP)
    Easily find the latest university technologies available for licensing worldwide.

  • iBridge Network
    The iBridgeSM Network provides the centralized online source for research and innovations.

  • TechFinder
    Discover University of Missouri innovations available for license by existing companies or that could form the basis of a new startup. Technologies from all four campuses are listed on TechFinder.

UMSL R&D and Business Development Resources

  • Medicinal Chemistry Services:

    Medicinal Chemistry Group

    With extensive background in the pharmaceutical industry, UMSL's Medicinal Chemistry Group (MCG) scientists provide services in several areas including the design and synthesis of novel small molecules as potential therapeutic agents, general organic synthesis, and development of methods to identify potential clinical or lead candidates. They also possess extensive experience in identifying tractable leads from high-throughput screens, hit-to-lead optimization and in silico based design. Contact: Dr. John Walker (314-824-1991)
  • Microscopy Image and Spectroscopy Technology (MIST) Laboratory Services
    The MIST lab, which is housed within UMSL's Center for Nanoscience, provides services and equipment for analyses of micro- and nano-structure characterization. The lab offers expertise and equipment for various types of specimen preparation and microscopic analysis, supports research and training programs, and provides analytical support and referrals for local industries and academics. Services include micro- and nano-characterization (SEM, EDS, TEM, HRTEM, AFM, and STM). Contact: Dr. David Osborn (314-516-4761)
  • Business Incubation:
    Innovative Technology Enterprises at UMSL (ITE)

    ITE - Innovative Technology Enterprises at UMSL

    ITE is a small business incubator that supports innovation in a variety of fields including IT and life sciences, providing the physical, mentoring, business development and computational resources required for startup companies to grow. Featuring both wet- and dry-lab facilities, office space and a high-performance computing center (HPCC) staffed by on-site Ph.D. scientists, ITE provides the expertise to help startups solve fundamental R&D and business development issues including those that require sophisticated computational resources. UMSL owns and operates ITE. Contact: Dr. William Lemon (314-824-2002)