There are many paths to commercialization of a new invention or idea including the establishment of a startup company to develop and market the technology. The TTED office can help UMSL faculty, staff and students develop a strategy for company formation; we are committed to providing guidance and support throughout the process and early growth of the business.

Our office provides direction in key areas such as:

As you begin to work on your new company, here are some questions that will assist you in preparing for the company formation process.

These questions are intended to help you focus on the main areas of starting a new company. If you are having trouble answering the questions above, we may be able to provide assistance.

Also, check out the Entrepreneur Resources page for tons of useful links.

Please contact the TTED office for more information (Tamara Wilgers, Director,, 314-516-6884).



Q3D Visual Diagnostics Inventors

From left: Dr. Carl Bassi, associate professor of optometry; Michael Howe, senior research engineering technician in optometry; and Wayne Garver, lecturer in physics and astronomy (retired), hold the Q3D (Quantitative Three-Dot) device that has been licensed to a new startup company called Q3D Visual Diagnostics LLC, which is working to bring the device to market. The Q3D is a significant improvement over current devices in measuring visual suppression accurately and early to diagnose amblyopic children in time to treat the condition and avoid vision loss.