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The mission of ALKYMOS, Inc., is to design, synthesize, evaluate and manufacture chelators and chelator-based devices for laboratory, industrial, animal and human applications.

Advanced Spectroscopic Technologies

Advanced Spectroscopic Technologies, LLC
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Advanced Spectroscopic Technologies, LLC was formed to provide ultra sensitive detector add-ons for use in spectrometers. The company holds several patents covering techniques that increase instrument sensitivity over 100X. The first market vertical is a retrofit compatible with 100,000 existing benchtop instruments.

Calare, LLC               

Developers of online tools to centralize third-party online training calendars.


NanoVir, LLC
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Seeking a Cure for HPV With DNA-targeted therapeutics. HPV may be best known for its role as the cause of cervical cancer – the second leading cause of cancer deaths among women worldwide. But it also causes genital and other warts. Current treatments are primitive and ineffective. The scientists at NanoVir are developing treatments for HPV using DNA-Targeted therapies.

Q3D Visual Diagnostics

Q3D Visual Diagnostics, LLC
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Q3D Visual Diagnostics is developing a patented, non-invasive ophthalmologic device for the digital measurement of amblyopia (lazy eye). The unique design of the device permits healthcare providers the ability to detect a broad range of mild to severe cases of amblyopia and the ability to monitor treatment for effectiveness.


St. Louis Medical Devices, Inc.

St. Louis Medical Devices is working to commercialize a non-invasive glucose monitoring device for pain-free testing and better blood sugar control for diabetics to help avoid negative health outcomes. Diabetes affects nearly 26 million people of all ages in the United States (8.3% of the U.S. population); this disease is also a leading cause of death and the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure and non-traumatic leg amputations. Contact President and CEO George Chen for more information: