Clicking on the Courses button will give you a chronological listing of all courses that you have taken at UMSL and any transfer work for which an official transcript has been received. It will also show exam scores such as ACT and SAT. Prior degrees from an outside institution such as an AA or AAS will also be in the list.


Use this button to generate an audit for any degree program, minor or certificate.

  • Click Audit.
  • Click Request New Audit.
  • From the Degree Program drop-down menu, choose the degree program, minor or certificate that you are interested in viewing.
  • Use the default Catalog Year and Student Info Location.
  • Click Submit a New Audit.
  • Click Refresh List.
  • When the audit is available, click Details.

Scroll down through the audit to view the requirements. The first section is a summary of all complete (check mark) and incomplete (X) requirements. After the summary section, a full audit follows.

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Each requirement has sub-requirements. Sub-requirements are indicated as incomplete (-) or complete (+).

When a requirement has a Select From line, you can click on the course number to view the course description and prerequisite information from the UMSL bulletin. Additionally, the course can be added to the Course Cart where it will then be considered a Planned course.

Planned Courses

This feature allows you to create “what-if”/planned courses and expected grades to see what effect they would have on your degree program completion.

  • Click Planned Courses.
  • Click Add Planned Courses. 
  • Use the drop-down menu to select the future semester, department (curriculum), course and expected grade.
  • Click Save Add.
  • You may add more courses this way or click View Planned Courses to see the course(s) you have selected.
  • When you have finished adding courses, click Audits and Request New Audit. Be sure to check the box that reads Include Planned Courses.
  • As you scroll through the new audit, your planned courses will be displayed as well as a new GPA calculation.
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