What criteria does UMSL use to evaluate transfer credit?

All undergraduate college course work attempted at accredited institutions will be evaluated. Transfer courses are compared to UMSL courses based on course descriptions, prerequisite and course content. Credit accepted from another institution may or may not be applicable to a specific degree program. The University reserves the right to make the decision regarding applicability.

Courses that are remedial, preparatory or non-college-level will not be added to the total hours or used to satisfy degree requirements. The transcript key or catalog of the sending institution will be used in determining the level or purpose of any courses in question.

Who evaluates transfer courses?

The Degree Audit office staff, with the help of faculty members who specialize in the course subject matter, evaluate transfer course work.

What Schools are accepted by UMSL?

UMSL accepts credit in transfer from regionally accredited institutions of recognized standing, both public and private. There are six regional associations, each named after the region in which it operates (Middle States, New England, North Central, Northwest, Southern and Western).

Is it possible to test out of coursework?

ALEKS math testing is available for students who want to either place into a math class or test out of a math class.  The foreign language department also offers a test out option on those students who can prove language proficiency in a foreign language.

What third parties do we accept transcript from?

UMSL only accepts official transcript directly from the transferring school. The only exception is if the transferring school uses the National Student Clearinghouse for e-transcripts.