The Master of Accounting (MAcc) degree program is intended for students preparing to enter the accounting profession as well as for those seeking to further their existing accounting careers. Designed to accommodate undergraduate accounting majors as well as students with other undergraduate backgrounds, the program permits students to take an advanced course of study in accounting.

The MAcc program may require as few as 30 hours for students with recent undergraduate accounting majors and as many as 60 hours for students with no previous business and accounting study.

The MAcc degree specifically requires at least one accounting research course, at least one accounting seminar, two graduate-level accounting electives, one additional accounting course, and at least three graduate-level non-accounting courses. Additional elective hours may be required to meet the 30 hour minimum requirement.

A) Prerequisites (24 hours)

Students must complete:

INFSYS 1800 Computers and Information Systems
ACCTNG 2400 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
ACCTNG 2410 Managerial Accounting
ACCTNG 3401 Financial Accounting and Reporting I
ACCTNG 3402 Financial Accounting and Reporting II
ACCTNG 3421 Accounting Information Systems
ACCTNG 3411 Cost Accounting
ACCTNG 3441 Income Taxes

Students must satisfy the prerequisite courses with acceptable grades for formal admission to the MAcc program.

B) General Business Requirements (21 hours*)

ECON 4105 Quantitative Methods in Economics and Business
LOGOM 5300 Statistical Analysis for Management Decisions
Choose five courses from the following list
BUS AD 5100 Managerial Communication
BUS AD 5900 Law, Ethics and Business
BUS AD 6990 Strategy Formulation and Implementation
FINANCE 6500 Financial Management
INFSYS 5800 Management Information Systems
LOM 5320 Production and Operations Management
MGMT 5600 Organizational Behavior and Administrative Processes
MKTG 5700 Contemporary Marketing Concepts

C) Degree Requirements (15 hours)

ACCT 4401 Financial Accounting and Reporting III
ACCT 4402 Financial Accounting and Reporting IV
ACCT 4435 Auditing
Research Course --One of the following:
ACCTNG 5402 Professional Accounting Research
ACCTNG 5406 Accounting Research and Professional Writing
Seminar Course -- One of the following:
ACCTNG 5403 Seminar in Financial Accounting
ACCTNG 5412 Seminar in Controllership
ACCTNG 5435 Seminar in Auditing
ACCTNG 6441 Seminar in Taxation

D) Accounting Electives (6 hours)

Two additional graduate-level accounting courses.

E) Non-Accounting Courses (9 hours)

Students must complete at least three graduate-level courses from other business disciplines (may be satisfied in section B, above).

*These courses may be waived with appropriate undergraduate courses.  All students must take a minimum of 30 hours for graduate credit as part of the MAcc degree.

All MAcc students must complete at least 15 hours in accounting (a minimum of 12 hours at the graduate-level). Students who waive the maximum number of hours must complete 30 credit hours to earn the MAcc degree.

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Would you like to apply for admission online?

A complete application includes official transcripts, a personal statement, two letters of reference, and an official report of your score on the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). Learn more about the GMAT at Students planning to enter the MAcc program are strongly encouraged to complete their application, including the GMAT, several months before entering the graduate program. Students admitted earlier have greater flexibility in scheduling graduate courses. 

Applicants who hold a BS in Accounting from UMSL with excellent grades who meet the stated application deadlines may be eligible for Early Admission and not need to provide GMAT scores.