Provincial House Chapel Details and Policies

Floor Plan

Bullet The Altar Area of the Chapel

The Provincial House Chapel has a 45-ft. wide marble floor and a glass enclosure that surrounds the sanctuary.

Bullet Center Aisle

The Provincial House Chapel center aisle is 6 ft. wide and 77 ft. long. Please keep in mind the Provincial House Chapel floor is marble and some runners may be hazardous. Your florist may have suggestions on the type of runner that would be most appropriate.

Chapel Floorplan

Bullet Pews

The Provincial House Chapel has 21 rows of pews on each side of the center aisle with a break in between the first 12 pews and last 9 pews. Pew decorations (bows, flowers, and tulle) less than 3 pounds can easily be hooked on to the pews by using the 3M Command Hooks we have provided.

Bullet Back of the Chapel

The back of the chapel features three wooden arched doorways, however, only the main doorway has double doors. Hooks are provided to decorate the inside frame of each of the doorways.

Chapel Amenities

Bullet Dressing Rooms

Two dressing rooms are available for your wedding party's use. The men's dressing room is located inside the chapel while the bridal room is located just outside the chapel. It is suggested that the groom and groomsmen arrive already dressed for the wedding, but you can elect to dress on site. We also recommend that the bride get dressed here (unless you are taking pictures elsewhere prior to coming to the Chapel).

Bullet Sound Systems

For your wedding, there will be one wireless microphone for your officiate and up to three stand microphones provided at no additional charge. Sound needs in addition to these microphones should be requested as early as possible. Requests for additional equipment may result in additional charges.

The chapel is also equipped with a CD/iPod player with remote. If you choose to use the CD player, someone from your wedding party must be designated to operate the CD player.

Bullet Musical Instruments

The chapel is equipped with a copper-piped organ and a piano. Both are tuned and available for your use during your rehearsal and wedding.

Bullet Ceremony Accessories

Freely available are several white Romanesque columns varying in height, a candle table, a guest book stand, and a podium. For a nominal rental fee, we also provide a unity candle candelabras, four single candelabras, and a pair of 7 light candelabras. All candelabras are adjustable in height and made of brass to match the chapel's decor. Additional information and rates are provided in your wedding confirmation packet or you view these items here.

Other Policies

Bullet Building Policies

  • Alcohol and its consumption are permitted on campus for those who are 21 and older.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted in the chapel.
  • UM-St. Louis is a smoke-free campus.
  • You may have deliveries made during your rehearsal time or the day of your wedding within your four hours. University staff will not accept or be responsible for deliveries, therefore you must have your own representative present to accept deliveries.
  • Trash items (boxes, excess papers, flower debris, or anything you wish to discard) must be placed in or next to the receptacles provided.
  • Any signs or decorations used both on the interior or exterior of the building and along the road must be taken down immediately following your event.

Bullet Decorating Policies

  • All flowers & plants must be removed from the facility at the end of the event, no exceptions.
  • Fresh flower petals, rice, confetti, or similar items may not be dropped, sprinkled, or thrown inside or outside of the chapel.
  • Bubbles and edible bird seeds are allowed outside the building or in the courtyard.
  • No tape, of any kind, is allowed or should be used on any surface inside the chapel.
  • Only LED candles are permitted for decorating. At this time we cannot allow the use of real wax or mechanical candles with real flames in the chapel.
  • Pew decorations (bows, flowers, and tulle) can easily be hooked onto the pews by using the 3M Command Hooks we have provided.
  • Please remember to take with you or discard anything you have brought for the wedding in a trash can before leaving. Prior to leaving, you should do a quick sweep of all the rooms your wedding party has used. All rooms, including the chapel, must be cleared out of your belongings.