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Rules and Regulations

Pursuant to the provisions of the Traffic Regulations passed by the Board of Curators of the University of Missouri, the following rules and regulations relating to the operation of motor vehicles and bicycles on UMSL property by students, faculty, staff and visitors and disciplinary actions for violations thereof are hereby adopted.

I. Registration of Motor Vehicles

All students, faculty, staff, and alumni who wish to park a motor vehicle on UMSL property are required to have a valid current UMSL decal or permit.                                 
All parking decals or permits shall be obtained and used in accordance with the regulations prescribed.
The parking decal or permit must be applied to the lower left outside rear window, driver's side of standard automobiles. For convertibles, and trucks apply to outside front windshield, lower right-hand corner, passenger's side. The parking decal must be permanently applied to the vehicle within 24 hours after being issued and shall be kept and displayed upon the motor vehicle for which it is issued at all times. Unless the parking decal is properly and permanently attached, the vehicle shall not be considered a registered vehicle. On-line permits should be displayed on the drivers side of the dashboard.
When a Vehicle has been registered and another vehicle is acquired, the new vehicle must be promptly registered.
A replacement fee of $25 is charged for replacement decals or permits.  However that fee may be waived if a portion of the old decal or proof of the transfer of a vehicle can be provided.
Student parking decals or permits shall be issued on an annual basis expiring on August 31 each year. Faculty and staff parking decals or permits shall be issued on an annual basis. Parking decals or permits shall expire when a student withdraws from school or an employee ceases to serve UMSL, whichever shall come first.
Student parking permits shall be obtained at the Student Financial Services Office located at 327 Millennium Student Center.

II. Parking Decals or Permits

1. Only parking decals or permits issued from or through the Cashiers Office and/or Parking and Transportation either in person, electronically or by mail when properly affixed or displayed authorize the recipient’s vehicle to park on the UMSL campus.
2. No motor vehicle may be parked on UMSL property unless a parking decal or permit for parking in such area has been obtained and is properly affixed or displayed on the motor vehicle. Any vehicle (e.g., police, fire and ambulance) providing emergency service to the campus is exempt from this requirement.
3. A parking decal or permit shall be defined as a placard depicting a privilege to park a vehicle in designated parking area during certain hours on a space available basis, and not a contract between UMSL and the permittee to provide space in any designated parking area.
4. Students, faculty and staff with disabilities who require access to handicapped parking may park in any designated parking location as long as they display the state issued permit and a valid UMSL parking permit. Visitors who require handicap parking must first obtain a daily permit to park on UMSL property. 
5. UMSL reserves the right at any time to revoke any parking decal or permit, or to reassign any registered vehicle to another parking area, or to alter the hours and days of restricted permit parking in any parking area.
6. Residential lots at University Meadows require a special decal or permit.
7. Students, faculty, and staff having current decals or permits who are unable to use the car on which it is applied may obtain a temporary parking decal or permit by contacting the Parking and Transportation Office or Campus Police, or by obtaining a permit on-line.
8. No parking decal or permit issued or assigned to a specific vehicle or person may be transferred to another vehicle or person.
9. All visitors must obtain a temporary parking permit to park on UMSL property. 
IV. Parking Regulations 

1.No motor vehicle shall:  
      Be parked on UMSL property not designated for parking purposes.
      Be parked in any driveway or walkway of UMSL property so as to hamper or impede the free use of the driveway or walkway.
      Be parked so as to use more than one parking space.
      Be parked in a parking area other than that for which the vehicle is authorized.
      Be parked in a loading zone.
      Be parked in the grass.
      Be parked failing to display a parking permit as instructed in Section I (C). 
2.  Visitors may park only in areas designated for their use.
3.  Students, faculty, and staff may park only in areas designated for their use.Optometry patients may park in Optometry Patient parking only. Students, faculty, staff who are optometry patients are not entitled to park in patient parking. They are required to park in their appropriate areas. 
4.  Bicycles are required to park in areas designated solely for that purpose.
5. Head-in parking is required for all vehicles being parked on the campus. All vehicles, whether registered with UMSL or not, which belong to the immediate family of a UMSL faculty or staff member or to a student will be considered the responsibility of the faculty or staff member or the student. All parking violations charged against such a vehicle will be charged to the faculty or staff member or to the student.

V. Daily Parking Regulations

Students who have not obtained a parking decal or permit should contact UMSL Parking and Transportation Department to obtain a daily parking decal or permit, or obtain a daily permit on-line.

VI. Persons responsible for violations

Each person is responsible for all violations (moving or non-moving) of these regulations committed by that person.  All persons (first parties) owning or having in their custody a motor vehicle shall be responsible for all non-moving violations of these regulations committed by other persons (second parties) operating vehicles owned by the first party or in their custody with their expressed or implied permission to operate that vehicle, unless the person (second party) actually operating the vehicle acknowledges and accepts the responsibility for the violation 

IX. General Provisions 

1. The UMSL Police Department is authorized to impound or have removed any motor vehicle illegally or improperly parked on the property of the University of Missouri-St. Louis. All towing and storage charges occurring as a result of the impounding or removing of the motor vehicle shall be paid by the owner or operator of the vehicle.
2. The Chancellor of the University of Missouri-St. Louis may amend or change the parking rules for the UMSL campus.
3. Students must always park their vehicles in the appropriate designated area even though classes may not be in session.
4. Vehicles displaying a Student parking permit or decal may park in faculty or staff parking spaces after 5:00 PM on Friday and on weekends or holidays.
5. Friends, relatives or others parking a vehicle displaying a Student parking permit or decal must park in student parking areas. These vehicles are not entitled to park in Visitor spaces.
6. Faculty, staff, and students may only bring one vehicle on campus at any one time.
7. Transfer of a parking permit or decal is defined as the actual physical placement, relocation, relinquishment or unauthorized reassignment of a parking permit or decal to a person or vehicle other than the person and/or vehicle originally assigned the parking permit or decal by either the Cashier’s Office or the Parking and Transportation Office. One example of a transfer would occur when a member authorized to purchase/receive a permit to park provides the legitimately acquired parking decal or permit to another student, family member or other person for use on campus.
8. No one may transfer, sell, barter or otherwise convey an original or replacement parking decal or permit of UMSL to another person or vehicle.
9. Improper reporting of the loss or theft of a parking permit or decal is a violation of the Rules and Regulations for the UMSL campus.
10. UMSL reserves the right to change fees, traffic rules and regulations at any time without prior notification.
11. During normally scheduled on-campus class hours UMSL provides limited emergency vehicle service, at no charge, to vehicles on campus. Any person requiring such service (due to dead battery, flat tire, etc.) should phone the UMSL Police Dispatch at 314-516-5155 or from one of the blue emergency phones on campus.
12. Valid Faculty and Staff permits from other UM campuses will be honored however; faculty and staff members must complete an overnight parking form in order to remain on campus overnight.  The form must then be provided to the Police Department
Citation Rates

1. Parked in more than one space
Vehicle parked so as to use more than one parking space (Citation fee: $25.00) 
2. Parked in a driveway or walkway
Vehicle parked in a drive way or walkway on UMSL property to impede the free use of driveway or walkway (Citation fee: $25.00) 
3.Parked in a loading zone
Vehicle parked in a loading zone (Citation fee: $25.00) 
4. Parked in a drop off lane
Vehicle parked in a designated drop off lane (Citation fee: $25.00) 
5. Parked in a shuttle stop
Vehicle parked at any shuttle stop location for any amount of time (Citation Fee: $25.00) 
6. Parked on the grass
Vehicle parked in the grass (Citation Fee: $25.00) 
7. Parked beyond 2 hour limit
Vehicle parked in Visitor’s Lot over 2 hours (No permit displayed)
See #13 for vehicle parked with valid permit (Citation Fee: $25.00) 
8. Parked at an expired meter
Vehicle parked at an expired meter
(Citation Fee: $25.00) 
9. Parked with no permit displayed
Vehicle parked on UMSL property that does not display a parking permit or temporary permit (Citation fee: $50.00) 
10. Parked with expired permit
Vehicle parked on UMSL property whose paper or adhesive permit is Not current (Citation fee: $25.00) 
11. Improperly displayed parking permit
Vehicle not displaying permit on the OUTSIDE REAR WINDOW on the driver’s side lower left corner or OUTSIDE FRONT WINDOW passenger side lower right corner as stated on the permit (Citation fee: $25.00) 
12. Parked impeding traffic
Vehicle blocking roadway, lane, intersection or garage so as to restrict the flow of traffic (Citation fee: $25.00) 
13. Parking unauthorized by permit
Vehicle with permit parked in visitor lot
Vehicle parked in unauthorized parking space (Citation fee: $25.00) 
14. Parking in non-designated space
Vehicle parked in area not designed as parking space (Citation fee: $25.00)