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Bioethics Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Bioethics blends the missions and values of the medical field and social work for equitable service provision, knowledgeable development of ethical policies and just professional decision making at the institutional, local, or state level. This program provides an interdisciplinary exploration of bioethical issues that arise in health care, biological sciences and emerging technologies. It is most applicable to students with interests in nursing, social work, law, public policy, public health, philosophy, and theology.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet general University of Missouri-St. Louis Graduate School admission requirements.

Certificate Requirements

PHIL 4435 Classical Ethical Theory 3
or PHIL 4438 Recent Ethical Theory
PHIL 5558 Current Issues in Bioethics 3
Electives 6
Choose two of the following:
Health Care Policy (required for MSW students)
Ethics and Values in Population Health
Seminar in Social and Political Philosophy
Diagnosis and Related Pharmacology for Social Work Practice
Poverty, Human Rights, and Social Justice
Social Work Practice with LGBT Populations: Deconstructing the Alphabet Soup
Social Work in Healthcare Settings
Total Hours 12

No more than 6 total credits can be earned through courses at the 4000 level.

Additional elective courses can be included with the approval of the Bioethics program coordinator, Jill Delston, delstonj@umsl.edu