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The Philosophers’ Forum is a student organization for discussing philosophers, philosophical ideas, and career choices for philosophy graduates. The Forum is dedicated to strengthening the already vibrant philosophical community at UMSL and in the greater St. Louis area. 

Some of our activities include hosting a series of talks by both professional philosophers and graduate students where they will present "works in progress." This WiP series offers the chance to see philosophers in action and offers the Saint Louis community a chance to see what is being done in philosophy. In addition, our annual conference focuses on a different topic each year and attracts a wide range of professional philosophers and graduate students working in those areas.

UMSL Philosophers’ Forum

President: Timothy Luft (tplgcb@umsystem.edu)

Vice President: Robert Laurent (rjl3mk@umsystem.edu)

Secretary: Tashmia Sabera (ts9qb@umsl.edu)

Treasurer: Eli Driskill (elidriskill@mail.umsl.edu)

Webmaster: Ling Zhang (lzdbh@umsystem.edu)

SGA Representative: Hanzhe Dong (hdzhw@umsl.edu)

Undergraduate Representative: Eleanor Grissom (esgykf@umsl.edu)

Faculty Advisor: Lauren Olin



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