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2022-Spring 2023

6 students earned the MA. One began the PhD program at Florida State, one at Nebraska, and one at SLU. One graduate began teaching at local community colleges.


6 students earned the MA. One began the PhD program at UC-Davis, one at SLU, and one at Ottawa. Two others were accepted to PhD programs but chose not to begin them.


3 students earned the MA. One began the PhD program at Northwestern, one began the PhD program at Ohio State, and one graduate student began the Ph.D. program at Edinburgh before finishing his MA. 


6 students earned the MA. One student began the Ph.D. program at Washington University (PNP). A second student who earned the MA is teaching at St. Louis Community College. A third student transferred to the PhD program at Texas A&M before graduating.


4 students earned the MA, 2 of whom began Ph.D. programs: CUNY and Memphis. One is working in science education, and one has his own business.


8 students earned the MA. 3 applied to Ph.D programs, and are attending Rutgers, University of North Carolina, and Washington University. One is teaching at Harris-Stowe University. One is teaching at Front Range Community College.


4 students earned the MA.  Two are at Washington University, one is a lecturer at the University of Houston, and one is in law school.


3 students who received the MA are in Ph.D. programs: UCLA, UCSB, and Ohio State.


6 students received the MA, 3 of whom began Ph.D. programs: Arizona, Duquesne, Saint Louis University.


16 students received the MA, 7 of whom started Ph.D. programs: Australian National University, CUNY, UC-Irvine, Missouri, Cincinnati, Utah, and Iowa.


9 students received the MA.  Only 2 of these applied to Ph.D. programs in Philosophy. One started at Duke, the other started at SLU.


14 students received the MA.
8 students applied and were admitted to a Ph.D program in Philosophy.
5 began or are beginning at Illinois, Florida State, Queen’s, Missouri and UC-San Diego.


10 students received the MA.
7 applied and were admitted to a Ph.D program in Philosophy.
6 began at Washington-STL, Iowa, Colorado, CUNY, Nottingham and Illinois-Chicago.

Previous graduates have begun Ph.D. programs in Philosophy at: Arizona (2), Boston, Connecticut, Illinois-Carbondale, Missouri, Ohio State, Pennsylvania, SUNY-Buffalo (2), Temple, Texas, UC-Santa Cruz, Washington-STL (5), Wisconsin, St Louis University, among others.

Graduates from our BA program have gone directly to Ph.D. programs in Philosophy such at Cornell, Chicago, and Rutgers.


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