Recent Placement Record

8 students earned the MA. 3 applied to Ph.D programs, and are attending Rutgers, University of North Carolina, and Washington University. One is teaching at Harris-Stowe University. One is teaching at Front Range Community College.
4 students earned the MA.  Two are at Washington University, one is a lecturer at the University of Houston, and one is in law school.
3 students who received the MA are in Ph.D. programs: UCLA, UCSB, and Ohio State.
6 students received the MA, 3 of whom began Ph.D. programs: Arizona, Duquesne, Saint Louis University.
16 students received the MA, 7 of whom started Ph.D. programs: Australian National University, CUNY, UC-Irvine, Missouri, Cincinnati, Utah, and Iowa.
9 students received the MA.  Only 2 of these applied to Ph.D. programs in Philosophy. One started at Duke, the other started at SLU.
14 students received the MA.
8 students applied and were admitted to a Ph.D program in Philosophy.
5 began or are beginning at Illinois, Florida State, Queen’s, Missouri and UC-San Diego.
10 students received the MA.
applied and were admitted to a Ph.D program in Philosophy.
6 began at Washington-STL, Iowa, Colorado, CUNY, Nottingham and Illinois-Chicago.

Previous graduates have begun Ph.D. programs in Philosophy at: Arizona (2), Boston, Connecticut, Illinois-Carbondale, Missouri, Ohio State, Pennsylvania, SUNY-Buffalo (2), Temple, Texas, UC-Santa Cruz, Washington-STL (5), Wisconsin, St Louis University, among others.

Graduates from our BA program have gone directly to Ph.D. programs in Philosophy such at Cornell, Chicago, and Rutgers.