Students may take the ALEKS math placement test to demonstrate mathematics proficiency.  Students who wish to place directly into MATH 1800 or higher-level mathematics course are required to pass ALEKS in a proctored environment at the Testing Center. 

Students should take ALEKS un-proctored at least once before scheduling a proctored test.  Students must consult with an academic advisor prior to registering for a proctored ALEKS attempt.  The sitting fee for a proctored ALEKS test is $60 and is payable by check or cash.  An ALEKS sitting fee cannot be charged to students' accounts. 

The Prep and Learning Module must be completed after each attempt.  Attempts must be made 48 hours apart. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


Do I Need to Take the ALEKS?

Interpreting Your Results

Valid Dates for ALEKS Scores:

Spring courses: ALEKS score dated February 1 or later of previous year

Summer courses: ALEKS score dated July 1 or later of previous year

Fall courses: ALEKS score dated August 1 or later of previous year