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The basic components of websites are HTML and CSS. HTML tags are used to describe the structure of your content on web pages, and CSS is used to for the layout, color, font type, font size, and other aspects of the appearance. However, it can be very time consuming to write your own HTML and CSS to create a website. As a result, many people use content management systems, referred to as a CMS, to help them build their websites.

WordPress has emerged as a popular content management system (CMS). Behind the scenes, WordPress uses a scripting language called PHP along with a theme you choose to generate the HTML and CSS for the website. This allows you to focus on creating content and not worry about the technical aspects of layout. You don’t need to master HTML and CSS to build your site. However, it is helpful to understand the role of HTML and CSS on the web, and you can directly use HTML and CSS for customization.

Courses Taught:

Introduction to WordPress
Intermediate WordPress