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Data is everywhere. Every organization uses consumer and business data to empower decision making and organizational intelligence. While data may seem motionless and static in a database, it plays a role in every organization’s story or history. Tableau is a data visualization tool that groups data sets and motionless figures, while representing business stories and histories with data visualizations. Before getting into what Tableau is and how it streamlines workflows every day, it’s important to understand Tableau is not a database or querying program. Instead, Tableau focuses on connecting to data and using drag-and-drop data modifiers and enhancements to create visualizations.

In regard to how it streamlines user and business workflows, imagine what it would be like to manipulate your data in a way that "what if" and "how" questions were answered in seconds or minutes. No more waiting for traditional business intelligence tools to crunch data and spit out a tabular report; Tableau empowers end uses with the ability to data-driven decisions. Data visualization tools are proving to be vital in today’s fast-paced, global market. Getting comfortable with Tableau and all its features puts any user at an advantage in turning data into business decisions.

Courses Taught:

Introduction to Tableau 
Intermediate Applications of Tableau 
Advanced Applications of Tableau: Level 1 
Advanced Applications of Tableau: Level 2