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Program Description 

This course introduces the fundamentals of SQL, including terminology, network structure, and commands. The goal of this course is to teach standard SQL commands, but as you will learn, there are variances in SQL depending on the implementation that you use, such as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle. While you will be using Microsoft SQL Server to practice running SQL commands in class, this course presents the most generic form of SQL commands. 

Courses Taught:

Introduction to Programming Concepts
Introduction to SQL 
Intermediate Applications of SQL 
Advanced Applications of SQL 
Advanced SQL Queries: Level 1 
Advanced SQL Queries: Level 2 
Advanced SQL Queries: Level 3 - Data Analysis 
SQL Query Optimization 
Introduction to SQL Stored Procedures 
Intermediate SQL Stored Procedures 
Introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services 
Intermediate SQL Server Reporting Services 
Advanced SQL Server Reporting Services 
Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services 
Intermediate SQL Server Integration Services 
Advanced SQL Server Integration Services 
Introduction to SQL Security