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Power Apps is a tool that allows you to quickly create apps. It is advertised as a low code solution so you don’t have to be a developer or programmer to reap its benefits. Power Apps is formula based. Using it is more akin to using Excel where you reference cell numbers and enter your formulas. Once created, you can access your app via a mobile device or a browser. While you can integrate with other applications, Power Apps is often used with Office 365. For example, you can use Power Apps to develop a mobile app for your phone to enter data in a SharePoint list. You can customize forms in SharePoint. You can easily connect Power Apps with Excel, OneDrive, and other Microsoft 365 services.

Power Apps is often used for field workers entering data, tracking assets, logging issues, etc. You could have a maintenance department use Power Apps to log a maintenance problem, take a photo, and store the result in SharePoint. Employees could use it for time sheet entry, travel requests, or tracking travel expenses. As with other Office 365 apps, there is more than one way to accomplish your objectives in Power Apps. Often, it is a matter of personal preference as to which approach you use.

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Introduction to Power Apps