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By definition, a “project” is an undertaking with a specific time frame that produces a tangible outcome, which is some type of product or service. Projects always have a specific list of tasks with identified time durations and require the use of “resources” (materials, costs, or people) to complete.

Project management involves identifying the final objective for a project, considering time and cost constraints, and then organizing and scheduling the individual tasks and available resources necessary to accomplish the objective. Project management also includes tracking project tasks to completion and making course corrections as necessary along the way. A project may be as simple as keeping track of a few tasks to be completed, or as complex as monitoring hundreds or thousands of tasks, resources, and constraints, while producing analyses and reports at each step. Microsoft Project provides the ability to manage all these elements. It lets you define tasks; manage tasks, resources, and time/budget constraints; and print out project information using a number of reporting formats.

This course is designed to introduce you to the basics of Project. We will work on two simple projects, through which you will practice creating Gantt charts, linking tasks, inserting columns and tasks, filtering data, creating reports, assigning and managing resources, and using the critical path to manage projects.

Courses Taught:

Introduction to Project
Intermediate Applications of Project