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OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage option for managing documents and files giving users easy access. You can create documents and files using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other applications, and then save them or upload them to the cloud—OneDrive.

OneDrive is designed to work with Office 365 apps and other programs. The key to success in using OneDrive is to learn on to navigate the modern interface and understand the tools available for managing your files in the cloud as well as syncing them to your computer.

The OneDrive app focuses on individual users and gives them a place to store their own documents in the cloud. OneDrive also has sharing capabilities so you can use it for some collaboration and team projects. At the same time, Office 365 has two other apps, SharePoint and Teams, which have more features and greater collaboration capabilities. Larger organizations and those with more complex projects, or those who are doing significant collaboration may want to consider using SharePoint and/or Teams in addition to OneDrive for managing documents and for collaboration work.

Courses Taught:

Introduction to OneDrive