The University Tutoring Center (UTC) commits to helping students transform their lives. UTC provides students with opportunities to be successful college students. By utilizing the free tutorial supports provided, students are equipped with effective study skills, strategies, resources, support, and encouragement. UTC empowers students by providing them with flexible, high-caliber tutorial support that any undergraduate student can utilize to achieve success. UTC offers a wide array of tutoring options to best assist students: in-person, face-to-face tutoring, online support, an individualized tutoring plan, drop-in assistance, group studying, and more. We are proud to provide students the educational support  they need and diligently forms positive, cooperative  relationships with faculty, staff, and students. UTC can positively impact students’ educational journey, help them succeed, achieve degree attainment, and transform their lives.


UTC ensures each student who receives tutoring services will

  • have a positive, meaningful tutoring experience. 
  • work with a highly trained tutor who understands the value of tutoring and works with the student to provide exceptional support. 
  • gain effective study skills, strategies, and resources from the tutor to form effective study habits, increase knowledge, improve grades, and gain confidence. 
  • have flexibility in the services offered by providing a multitude of tutorial support options with availability meeting the students’ needs. 
  • form positive, cooperative relationships with faculty, staff, and other students to aid in a successful learning experience.