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UMSL serves as a proud anchor institution in north St. Louis County. This role demands that we position ourselves not only as good neighbors, but as active partners in the advancement of education, healthcare, public safety, social services, and business and industry initiatives that strengthen our communities, our region and our state.

In alignment with the Campus Master Plan, the university continues to seek public and private financial support to consolidate the university’s academic core to its North Campus and develop the North St. Louis County Workforce and Business District. This campus transformation includes the transition of key academic programs and facilities from the South Campus to the North Campus in concert with a comprehensive renovation of classroom, laboratory and community spaces to serve students for decades to come.

This consolidation and the subsequent demolition of vacant buildings and clearing of land on the South Campus will open 35 acres for a transformative development.

The University of Missouri–St. Louis joins St. Louis County and the State of Missouri in envisioning an ambitious plan designed to improve the quality of life  and build inclusive economic growth throughout the St. Louis region and beyond by creating a North St. Louis County Business and Workforce District anchored on the UMSL South Campus.

The proposed district will:

  • Invest in North St. Louis County
  • Focus on increasing high-paying, in-demand jobs
  • Enhance workforce training and development opportunities
  • Establish the academic-driven workforce center of the future
  • Build local and state employment and tax revenues

The North St. Louis County Business and Workforce District will transform UMSL’s South Campus into a hub of academic and business activity – where we will leverage our academic and research expertise in partnership with industry and community – along Natural Bridge Road including vibrant public gathering spaces that are well-lighted and pedestrian friendly. Easily accessible by a Metro Transit Center and within walking proximity to UMSL’s academic core, the district will become a prime location for mixed-use development that aligns with the university’s academic, research and workforce mission and community goals.

The Business and Workforce District will include:

  • Workforce, business and research incubators
  • Entrepreneurship facilities and business accelerators
  • Expanded healthcare services
  • Mixed-use commercial and residential spaces including apartments, condominiums, restaurants, grocery and office spaces

With ample research, educational and land assets, the University of Missouri–St. Louis is well positioned to work with state and local leaders to anchor a variety of projects within the North St. Louis County Business and Workforce District to train, create and grow Missouri’s workforce while strengthening the state’s economy.

Download Conceptual Renderings (PDF)