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Diversity and Cultural Student Organizations

There are many student organizations at UMSL that help promote diversity at our school. Check them out below and connect with them on Triton Connect. If you would like to start an organization not listed below, please review our Student Organizations page to begin that process.

The Able-Disable Partnership is an alliance of students with disabilities and their allies that advocate for a more accessible society and raise awareness of all disabilities both physical and psychological at UMSL.


ABC is a group of students who have come together to uplift, promote, unify, and to enrich socio-cultural well being of black students, and above all nurture academic achievement while creating a welcoming environment for all students to participate.

ABC Logo

The mission of BBSA is to enhance the academic and career outcomes of the students at UMSL and to provide social opportunities for students to develop a network on campus.


HISLA unifies, serves and strengthens the Hispanic/Latino community in our university while also increasing cultural understanding and raising awareness on campus and the greater St. Louis region.


Minority Student Nurses Association was developed in 1998 functioning as an academic support and network group. Today, the focus of MSNA is to provide service, knowledge, and sense of awareness through community and university service and to create a bond between minority nursing students. MSNA is all about support, academics and community outreach. Membership is open to all students from the College of Nursing regardless of race, culture, religion, or ethnic background.


You don't have to be born in the continent to be African; you just have to appreciate itPASA Logo

It is PRIZM's goal to create and maintain an inclusive, safe, and accepting environment on our campus for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. They aim to defeat negative stereotypes and educate people by sponsoring special events and activities on campus throughout the school year.