Your project concept has been developed, and you need funding. Leveraging the resources available to you through, various foundation and other non-federal funding sources, and the Office of Research Administration will help you determine:
  • Which sponsors fund work in your field or work similar to your proposed project; and
  • What type of projects such organizations are funding.

Make sure that your project concept aligns with the focus areas and requirements of the sponsors you target.

Contact Cynthia Jobe, Director of Research Development (314-516-5674), or Jackson Medel, Senior Grant Writer (314-516-4727), for assistance identifying potential funding sources, designing your research program, and developing your proposal.

Also, make sure to opt into the portal to connect with industry-sponsored research opportunities across all disciplines and to be able to post your current projects that need industry funding for companies to see. The portal launches to industry in early 2020. Make sure you're engaged! Just log in with your SSO ID, claim your profile (most are pre-populated with Academic Analytics data), review and edit your information as necessary. 

Explore Our Internal Awards Programs

The University of Missouri System and UMSL offer competitive grant programs throughout the academic year. These programs support a variety of faculty and staff projects, research, travel support and equipment purchases. If you have questions about any UM or UMSL internal award, please contact Brenda Stutte (314-516-5897).