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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Last Revised: 19 November 2003
Cost principles: OMB Circular A-21
Administrative Requirements: OMB Circular A-110

Costs of professional and consultant services are allowable when reasonable in relation to the services rendered. A Consultant must be a person who is a member of a particular profession, or
possess a special skill, relevant to the proposed project; the consultant must not be an officer or employee of the University. Payment for a consultant’s services may not exceed the daily maximum rate paid to an Executive Schedule Level IV Federal employee (exclusive of indirect cost, travel, per diem, clerical services, fringe benefits and supplies).

When a Prinicipal Investigator (PI) anticipates the need to hire consultants to assist with the proposed project, the proposal narrative should provide appropriate rationale, and the summary proposal budget should estimate the amount of funds that may be required for this purpose. To the extent possible, consultant rates should show separate amounts for actual services and other components of the rate, such as travel.


If an individual is performing the work, the University of Missouri-St. Louis Personal Services Contract and the Employee/Independent Contractor Classification Checklist should be completed.

If a company/organization (or an individual representing a company/organization) is performing the work, the Consulting Services Contract should be completed.

All contracts must be executed before the consultant provides any services. The rate of pay, the start and end dates, as well as the project number must be on the contract. There must be an Attachment A as stated in the contract. This document should provide the specifications of the work to be performed by the consultant, and it should identify all deliverables and the timetable for the work to be completed.

The contract should first be signed by the individual consultant or by an authorized representative of the company to perform the work. The contract should then be sent to the ORA to be reviewed and signed by the Vice Provost for Research. A copy will be kept in the ORA with the project file, and the original will be returned to the PI.

The following procedure should be followed by the PI to get a consultant paid: