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By having more North St. Louis City and County residents serving in positions of power, community voices will be more thoroughly and regularly incorporated into policy and practice.

Increased levels of trust will form between communities and policy-makers by having the NL Fellows serve as bridges. Increased community-driven leadership from neighborhoods in the St. Louis Promise Zone footprint will lead to equitable policies that produce positive revitalization, reduced segregation, and improved quality of life for all.

After in-depth training and mentorship, NL Fellows will have gained valuable knowledge, skills, relationships and preparation to:

  • Create a rigorous personalized  plan for civic leadership
  • Work in teams to  develop and lead trainings and presentations for legislators, corporate executives, local media and communities on the issues and assets of the North St. Louis Region
  • Serve on a  board or committee
  • Be nominated to serve on a commission
  • Run for  elected office
  • Create a  new committee, task force, or advisory boards
  • Implement action steps outlined in the  Forward Through Ferguson report

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Please watch this video of NL Fellows as they celebrate their 5th Anniversary.


Dwayne T James