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Student Success Tutoring Grant 

The Student Success Tutoring Grant (SST) is another way UTC forges campus partnerships. The SST Grant provides funding ranging between $1,000 - $3,000, with a maximum of $3,000 per department, to support tutorial needs. Funding received by each department is strictly provided to support tutors for courses designated as high D, F, W, courses (20% or higher) and/or those with rigorous coursework. This grant allows UTC to extend its tutorial support to the departmental level to ensure all students needing assistance can conveniently receive it. For those departments awarded the STT Grant, UTC ensures tutors receive proper and adequate training to provide students with the best tutoring experience possible. In addition, UTC provides usage and grade distribution data to the departments to show the positive impact UTC’s tutorial supports have on the UMSL population. 

The SST Grant is awarded each semester to faculty members who apply, follow and meet the guidelines set forth. If you are an interested faculty member, please reach out to your department chairperson for more information or contact us at tutoring@umsl.edu or (314) 516-6807.

If you have been awarded an SST grant and have concluded the tutor selection process for your department, please submit the Tutor Information Form below.



UTC Classroom Visits

To help your students learn about the tutoring services we offer, we would like to visit your class for a short, spoken presentation.

Standard presentations are a short 5 minutes. We will:

  • give a brief, spoken overview of services (no slideshow or tech required)
  • hand out flyers (in-person presentation)
  • show students the UTC website (online presentation)
  • allow a minute for Q&A from your students

To set up a presentation, please send an email to tutoring@umsl.edu and provide info on which class(es) as well as the when and the where, and we’ll set it up.