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Our Early Alert program bridges the gap between the classroom and student success resources. The goal of Early Alerts (Academic Alerts) is to initiate prompt communication and effective intervention with students who may be experiencing barriers to their academic success. In most cases, the Early Alert program is typically utilized for students in undergraduate study only.

The Student Outreach and Support (SOS) unit has three offices that typically work with Academic Alerts. These are the University Student Support office (USS), the Office of Student Enrichment & Achievement (SEA), and TRIO Student Support Services. USS generally works with students who are currently enrolled at UMSL with a 2.5 GPA or higher, first-time freshman or new transfer student. SEA generally works with students who are currently enrolled at UMSL with a 2.49 GPA or lower, or have recently been referred from Admissions, Financial Aid, or an academic unit. TRIO works with students who are already part of the TRIO program.

Through this proactive program, Early Alerts aim to:

  • Connect instructional faculty with a direct link to academic support services to refer students who encounter success barriers in a course
  • Provide students with the opportunity to increase their chances of success in a course by actively participating in effective strategies for improvement
  • Support student learning by connecting students with necessary academic support services
  • Encourage a culture of support between students, faculty, and academic support units at UMSL

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To access Early Alerts, faculty and staff should log into MyConnect 

Student Notification Templates

When an academic alert is raised on a student, a system-generated email is sent to the student's UMSL email address. This email will contain some automated language as well as specific comments provided by the instructor. Depending on the type of academic alert raised (flag or kudo), different emails will be generated to the student.  Sample email messages can be viewed below.