NSCPC Mission Statement

Transforming, Securing, and Empowering our Communities through Geospatial Knowledge.


NSCPC Vision Statement

The NSCPC fully integrates within the broader St. Louis geospatial ecosystem and is a recognized leader in bridging academia, industry, and government to solve community issues through advanced geospatial tradecraft.

Our Approach

We champion research, technological innovation, and community engagement that will inform local policy makers with current, up-to-date, and accurate information so they can make the best policy decisions for improving our neighborhoods. Our approach leverages partnerships in the growing St. Louis Area Geospatial Ecosystem (SAGE) to research challenging social problems and to incorporate geospatial analysis into solutions. We acknowledge that every single thing happens in time and space. Geospatial analysis is an exquisite way to explain patterns in human behavior through geographical relationships within any environment. Harnessing this geospatial knowledge will foster a better understanding of the relationships among intersecting human conditions. 

National Security

National Security encompasses many different things. While the term brings to mind the idea of terrorism, it is important to establish that National Security is dependant on many different, interconnected systems. National security is tied to cyber security, the electrical grid, natural gas, water, transportation, public health, and many more facets of everyday life. The NSCPC works to engage all of these areas of National Security and works to be a partner in researching and developing solutions to problems faced by each.



For questions or interest in the NSCPC, please contact us via email at nscpc@umsl.edu.