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Chancellor's Certificate in Volunteer Management

The University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) Nonprofit Management & Leadership (NPML) program, and the Metropolitan Volunteer Management Association (MVMA) have partnered to produce and manage a noncredit Chancellor’s Certificate in Volunteer Management.  

Volunteers are an essential resource for every nonprofit organization, regardless of mission or purpose. Recognizing the need for professional development in the critical field of volunteer management, MVMA and the NPML program will offer classes and events that individuals can use to qualify for a noncredit Chancellor’s Certificate in Volunteer Management from UMSL.  

In order to obtain this noncredit chancellor’s certificate, individuals must enroll in, and complete, 16 or more hours of training in classes and/or events that are produced as part of the collaboration between MVMA and the NPML program. The chancellor’s certificate can be earned by any participant who obtains the necessary 16 or more hours of training/education. Individuals do not have to be members of MVMA to obtain the certificate. Moreover, individuals working to obtain the certificate do not have to take the 16 hours of training within a certain time frame. Classes or training that counts towards the certificate can be accumulated over an extended amount of time.  

Although this chancellor’s certificate is not an academic certificate, the training offered as part of this certificate program will help to sharpen and develop the skills of anyone involved in the important task of volunteer management for a nonprofit organization. Classes are taught by experts and leaders in the field of volunteer management, and class topics will help both experienced professionals, as well as those new to the field of volunteer management, to advance their understanding and enhance their professional capabilities.  

For information about our current noncredit course offerings, please visit our noncredit course webpage. 

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About the NPML Program

Since 1993, the NPML program has enabled hundreds of nonprofit professionals to help others more efficiently and effectively. Guided today by academic experts and an advisory board comprising some of the most respected names in the nonprofit sector in the region, NPML is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the independent sector through a variety of programs. The NPML program at UMSL is the only graduate program in nonprofit education in the St. Louis area with full membership in the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council, which develops standards for nonprofit education.

In addition to a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management & Leadership, NPML offers a wide variety of professional development workshops to keep everyone from experienced executives, board members, staff and volunteers to new employees and even those just considering entering the field up-to-date on the latest trends and issues in the nonprofit sector. 

The NPML program is one of several within the Public Policy Administration (PPA) Program at UMSL. The PPA program also offers a Master’s Degree, a Graduate Certificate in Local Government Management, a Graduate Certificate in Policy and Program Evaluation, and professional development programs for the public sector.


About MVMA

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MVMA is a professional organization comprised of professionals who are employed in the field of volunteer management. Its membership is diverse and rich in information regarding all aspects volunteer program administration. Members meet each month to discuss topics pertinent to the field and to share experiences and expertise. Membership in MVMA ensures that members have access to tools and resources that enable them to successfully and proudly wear the many hats associated with the field: recruitment, retention, communication, budgeting, event management, public relations, training and technology utilization, to name only a few. MVMA members are well equipped to lead their agencies and communities in the call to service and community enhancement.