Counseling Services outreach presentations.

Counseling Services offers workshops that address a wide variety of issues and can be presented, upon request, to clubs, student organizations, residence halls, sororities and fraternities, or faculty/staff.  

Each month’s Outreach topic focuses on a different threat to students’ mental health.  We can also provide a counselor to come to your group to process a critical incident or loss.  Don’t see a workshop below that meets your needs?  No problem, workshops can be individually designed to meet the needs of a group. To request a workshop, you may email our Outreach Coordinator Laura Holt.  

Assertiveness Training

An introduction to the basic concepts of assertion: learning to express what you need, want, like, dislike, and feel in appropriate ways, while maintaining respect for the other person.

Back to School (for returning students)

Returning to school after many years of being away can present unique problems: lack of confidence, difficulty managing time, and feeling like ‘a fish out of water’ when compared to the traditional aged students. This is a workshop that can energize returning students by identifying existing strengths they may use in this new environment, learning how to wear several ‘different hats’ at the same time, and doing all of this in the company of other returning students. 

Conflict Resolution

Learn skills that help resolve conflicts that arise when one person's wants interfere with those of another. This is a good way for conflicting parties to learn skills together, at the same time and in the same setting.

Dealing with Difficult People

Learn ways to actively listen to others, to understand what they mean and to communicate with others in ways which make the situation win/win. This workshop can be tailored to the ‘difficult people’ you have to deal with on a regular basis. 

Distress Tolerance

We all have our moments of DISTRESS, moments when you feel like what is happening to you is TOO MUCH and it hurts TOO MUCH and the idea that you can stand one more minute is just TOO MUCH.  Distress can come from a break-up, or finals week, or a fight with your parents, or any situation that makes you feel a lot of pain.  This workshop could be entitled “learning to bear pain skillfully.”  In it, you will learn how to tolerate distress and survive the crises that life hands you.

Effective Communication

This workshop could be subtitled: how to get what you need out of your relationships by being direct.  In it, you will learn about: factors reducing interpersonal effectiveness, obtaining change you want, getting and maintaining healthy relationships, and maintaining your self-respect.  We will talk about factors to consider when asking for what you need or saying no to others.  You will even get practice at challenging the lies you tell yourself about your interpersonal effectiveness!

Emotion Management

In this workshop, you will learn skills that will help you to increase or decrease certain emotions.  We will to teach you the components of emotions and the coping skills to regulate them.  You will learn about the nature of emotions, primary and secondary emotions, the shame-rage spiral, and what to do you when your emotions are not working for you and you become dysregulated.

Healthy Relationships

This workshop explores some key ingredients of successful relationships. Communication skills will be taught, and tips on ‘fighting fair’ and managing conflict will be discussed. This workshop can be designed to meet the specific needs of an audience.

Mindfulness Meditation

Take some time out of your hectic day to ‘be’ in the present moment.  Mindfulness meditation is based on the theory that a habitual focus on the past (memories, rumination) or the future (anticipating, planning) deprives us of truly living our lives. Life can only be found in the present moment. This workshop provides an introduction to the theory and practice of mindfulness meditation.

Stress Management

Participants will learn to identify stressors, challenge irrational beliefs systems and become familiar with techniques such as conscious muscle relaxation, to help cope with stress.

Team Building using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

For groups who want to strengthen their abilities to work as a team. The workshop will help participants identify key characteristics of their personalities and learn how varied individual strengths can be used in work settings.

Test/Performance Anxiety

Taking a test or performing before a group of people may sometimes immobilize you. Anxiety can keep you from doing your best. This workshop will show you how thoughts affect behavior, how to change those thoughts and how to do as well as you would like to do.

Additional presentation topics offered:

  • Being a Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Trans Ally
  • Body Image
  • Depression and Suicide- Warning Signs and Interventions
  • Eating Disorders- Helping a Friend
  • Healthy Eating- For International Students
  • Listening Skills
  • Making Friends on Campus
  • Multi-Cultural Issues
  • Sexual Assault Prevention
  • Sexual and Gender Identity
  • Relationships and Media Messages