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Kara MoskowitzKara Moskowitz


I am a historian of modern Kenya and the world. My research focuses on international development, state-making, and political culture in twentieth century Kenya. As a humanist, I emphasize change over time and the intersection of the local and the global, and I am especially interested in using digital platforms – such as mapping, timeline, and storytelling software – to showcase these historical themes.

My next book project explores the politics of Kenyan athletics in the 1960s and 1970s. This work uses sports as a lens to examine ethno-nationalism, pan-Africanism, and the global anti-apartheid movement. I have produced a digital humanities website to complement the project, focused on Kenya’s role in the 1968 Olympic boycott. Running from Apartheid: Kenyan Athletics and the Anti-Apartheid Movement, 1955-1968” exhibits, curates, and narrates the collected historical evidence, and was built through ArcGIS storymaps, Timeline JS, and Tableau.

I also incorporate digital humanities into many of my courses, creating assignments that teach students how to build digital timelines or storymaps of their own.