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Andrew HurleyAndrew Hurley


Dr. Andrew Hurley is a professor of history at the University of Missouri–St. Louis. He is a specialist in the field of urban history with a strong interest in environmental history, public history and the twentieth-century United States. 

Hurley’s research in urban environmental transformations lends itself to a variety of digital applications and approaches.  He was part of an UMSL team that developed the Virtual City Project, a software package that enabled users at various skill levels to build 3D computer models of historic landscapes and display them in a Google Earth viewer.  In recent years, the project has developed the capability of displaying these models in the Cesium web viewer.  Hurley’s continuing interest in historical 3D representations is has led to a collaborative research enterprise with the National Geospatial Agency and the Griot Museum of Black History that aims to interpret the evolution of the NGA West campus building site.