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Vendor Tabling

Space is available in the Millennium Student Center (MSC) for vendors to table.  The following are the policy and procedures in regards to vendors:

  • Sales are identified as tangible and intangible.  Tangible sales are transactions in which material goods are received for money.  Intangible sales are transactions in which services, solicitations, memberships, etc. are received for money.
  • Solicitations of money for charities are strictly prohibited except when sponsored by an UMSL recognized student organization and are subject to University fundraising policies.
  • Items for sale must not duplicate goods or services offered by the University.
  • Reservation fees are assessed at $200 per day for information (non-sales) tabling and $225 per day for sales tabling.  A space constitutes a 4ft by 6ft area with one table and two chairs.  Payment is due upon request.  Checks and money orders should be made payable to UMSL.  Major credit cards are accepted.
  • Vendors are required to check-in with the MSC Information Desk (219 MSC) prior to setting up.
  • Storage space for vendor items/supplies is not available.
  • Vendors are not allowed to post anything on University walls, doors, and windows or outside structures.
  • UMSL student organizations, faculty and staff are given priority in reserving facilities.  It is also prohibited for vendors to table during major campus programs such as orientations and open houses.
  • If space is not claimed 30 minutes after the reserved time, it will be released for usage by others.
  • Cancellations less than 2 business days in advance will be charged at full price.
  • Damages to the University’s facilities are the sole responsibility of the vendor.