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Political Activities

UMSL encourages political awareness among members of the campus community by recognizing the educational and civic merits of participation.  Furthermore, the University is committed as an institution to strict neutrality regarding candidates and political events, to providing equality of treatment in so far as possible, and to preserving the right to privacy enjoyed by each of our students.  In support of these principles, UMSL along with our other UM System campuses follows policies regarding activities in addition to following regular facilities rules and guidelines.  In this policy, the word “candidate" refers to one who has filed with the appropriate governmental agency.  No advertising for candidates or ballot initiatives are allowed in the Millennium Student Center (MSC).

Political Events

Organizations that wish to reserve space are required to coordinate the event with Event Services.  The Event Services staff will connect the organizers to the proper university stakeholders, including but the limited to the Office of the Chancellor, Executive Events, and UMSL Police Department.

Voter Registration

Organizations that wish to conduct voter registration activities are required to coordinate the event with the Associated Students of the University of Missouri.