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Disruptive and Prohibited Behavior

Disruptive Behavior

To protect our students and campus community, the our team reserves the right to ask individuals or collective groups to leave the building if individual(s) behavior:

  • Delays or prevents business
  • Interferes with regular activity in the building
  • Compete with tenants interests located in the building
  • If the customer/groups do not have an authorized reservation
  • Behavior which in any way defaces or damages the premises
  • Behavior which obstructs or interferes with the intended use of the premises.

If individuals or collective groups refuse to leave, campus police will be called for assistance.

Prohibited Behavior

All of the following are prohibited within in all campus facilities:

  • Use of tobacco products and vapes/e-cigs
  • Carrying and concealing firearms
  • Gambling or use of gambling devices
  • Manufacture, sale, distribution, possession, or use of illegal drugs
  • Unauthorized use of alcohol
  • Pets/Animals (exceptions made for service and support animals)
  • Harassing of customers and/or guests
  • Use of skates, skateboard, hover boards and bicycles with the building
  • Federal and state law, city ordinances and University policies apply

Violators of these policies will be asked to leave the building