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Writing Center FAQ

Your Gateway to Better Writing!

How can I get time with a writing consultant?

The Writing Center is strictly appointment-based. You can make an appointment by visiting our appointment website. We offer both in-person and online help with writing.

Who's eligible to visit the Writing Center?

Any UMSL student, both undergraduate and graduate, can visit the Writing Center.  We also work with writing from faculty, staff, and alumni.  The Writing Center cannot work with any non-UMSL students, particularly those working on coursework from other institutions.

Does it cost anything to see a writing consultant?

No. Writing consultations at the Writing Center are provided at no cost.

How can the Writing Center help me?

The Writing Center is the place where you can get the help you need with almost any writing issue, from brainstorming your paper, project, or presentation, to polishing a final essay or PowerPoint. Do you need help getting started?  Are you stumped on your paper? Need help with citing sources? Grammar?  Bring your ideas and/or writing to the Writing Center for help.

What can I expect a consultant to do?

Your consultant will ask questions to help you identify the purpose of your writing and how it fits the assignment. Consultants will also give you feedback on how effective your writing is, and offer suggestions and ideas to help you revise.

Will a consultant proofread and/or copyedit my paper?

No. But consultants can teach you how to identify grammatical and usage errors, lead you to helpful information and resources, and help you learn how to make corrections. Since part of learning how to proofread well is learning how to spot your own errors, you should expect consultants to leave some for you to identify on your own. They won't necessarily mark every error in your work nor correct them for you.