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Art + Design Advising

General Advising

Students with more generalized questions may contact the Arts and Sciences Advising Office located in 303 Lucas Hall at (314) 516-5501.

Or email the Senior Academic Advisor for the College of Arts and Sciences, Sarah Klekamp: Klekamp@umsl.edu 

Faculty Advising

We encourage you to contact your department advising coordinator to inquire about advising. The department advising coordinator can provide information on courses offered or any other information which will help you reach your educational goal. Students planning to further their education through a graduate program should be particularly careful to seek advice from a faculty member in the subject area.

Art Education
Jennifer Fisher
201 Fine Arts Building 
(314) 516-7288

Studio Art
Michael Behle
210 Fine Arts Building
(314) 516-5997


Art History Minor
Maureen Quigley
507 Lucas Hall
(314) 516-5670

Photography Certificate
Dan Younger
205 Fine Arts Building
(314) 516-6968