We want to help you be prepared for finding internships and careers. Here are some of the Career Center’s resources that can get you started.

In almost every situation, these documents are the employer’s first impression of your skills and professionalism.

As you draft these documents, keep the internship or job description at the forefront of your mind. Make sure you emphasize experiences on your resume and personalize your cover letter so that they are both consistent with the skills the company is looking for in their next hire.


Have a big job or internship interview coming up and not sure how to prepare? Like any good athlete, you need to practice before going into the game! These resources are a beginning for understanding how to prepare. We can help more by conducting a mock interview with you and offering strategies for answering specific interview questions.

Employers are looking for UMSL graduates to be “Career Ready.” How do you become “Career Ready”?

Use the Career Readiness Checklist and Are You Career Ready resources to get ideas for enhancing your skills and knowledge. (what’s written in bold will link to the two attached documents by the same name.)

Get your professional wardrobe started with these clothing and resale shops.

Salary negotiation is one of the last steps in the job search process. It should not be an issue until the employer is ready to make you an offer, so don't bring it up during your initial interviews.

You should be well-prepared for the conversation of starting salaries and knowing the typical salary range for the position you are seeking is a first step.

  • O*NET: Interactive site for exploring occupational information.
  • Goinglobal: Professional advice and employment information for over 28 countries and 40 US cities.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook: Profiles hundreds of occupations, including education and skill requirements, salary information, and job outlook projections.
  • MERIC: Missouri Economic Research & Information Center, the research division for the Missouri Department of Economic Development, provides a data driven site on Missouri economic indicators, industry studies, occupation studies, regional information and community issues.
  • MERIC Occupation Studies:  Gain access to Missouri occupational data, career resources, target industry real time briefs and workforce studies
  • Salary Calculator: Detailed compensation guidance offered by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Search the many resources listed below to find opportunities in your area of interest. Many provide employer research tips, on campus networking, and interest related job links.