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Our Mission

CIAC engages with community partners to co-create knowledge, connections, and tools that move us towards just, equitable, and democratic systems in the St. Louis region and beyond.

Our Values

  • Community priorities drive everything that we do.
  • The best solutions emerge through substantial participation, intentional collaboration, and high-quality information.
  • A just society requires a distinct and detailed focus on equity and anti-racism.

Focus Areas

  • Strategy: Co-designing actionable plans that align with community goals and advance equity. 
  • Community Engagement: Centering the perspectives and priorities of those most impacted to understand context and to pursue more equitable outcomes. 
  • Data: Developing infrastructure and conducting analysis that makes information transparent and action-oriented. 
  • Evaluation and Research: Answering questions that matter through participatory methods that center community expertise & lived experience. 
  • LearningStrengthening collective capacity to address complex issues through collaborative training and skill-building.