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Strengthening our collective capacity to address complex issues through collaborative training and skill-building. 

The best learning isn’t done in an isolated classroom or in front of a computer screen, but rather works to apply knowledge, skills, and tools to what’s happening in your community — and continue to grow from the results. Such learning is best done with other people, in a cohort or alongside collaborative partners, that pairs personal reflection with the sharing of diverse (and sometimes competing) perspectives across those who need to work together to make our communities better. 

CIAC’s learning efforts — whether it is training civic leaders through the 50-year-old Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs or working with early childhood administrators on enhancing their business skills — all keep this focus on both personal growth and collective strength. To manage these efforts, both in the St. Louis region and statewide, CIAC also developed robust and flexible outreach, communications, registration, and participant management tools that can be applied to a variety of learning efforts across sectors. In order to address the complex issues that communities care the most about, CIAC leverages its strategy, engagement, and data/research muscles for shared learning across collaborating organizations and the people they reach.

CIAC can support your Learning needs through:
  • Implementing Collaborative Training and Skill-Building Programs
  • Developing Experiential Learning Approaches for Key Sectors and Leaders
  • Pairing Students and Fellows with Community-Based Projects/Priorities
Past and current Learning projects at CIAC include:
  • Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs (2021 to Present)
  • Missouri Supporting Early Childhood Administrators (MO-SECA) (2023-2024)
  • Data for Social Impact collaboration with Washington University’s Social Policy Institute (2022 to Present)
  • Collaborative Leadership and Impact Program (CLIP) with Missouri Foundation for Health (2024+)
  • Nonprofit Outcome and Evaluation Learning Cohort with the St. Louis Community Foundation (2024+)
  • Using Data for Racial Equity Learning Cohort with the St. Louis Regional Response Team (2021)

Interested in working with CIAC on a Learning Project? Contact our leadership team at ciac@umsl.edu for more information. 

Interested in working with CIAC on a Learning Project?
Contact our leadership team at ciac@umsl.edu for more information.