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Community Engagement

Centering the perspectives and priorities of those most impacted to understand context and to pursue more equitable outcomes. 

CIAC engagement projects span diverse communities: from early childhood administrators improving their skills across Missouri, to residents seeking more equitable access to broadband services, to youth hoping to improve offerings at the St. Louis Zoo. Across every CIAC project, questions around deep engagement, community context, and participatory practices are front and center — enabling partners and communities to co-create the knowledge, connections, and tools needed to meet their goals and pursue long-term, systemic change.

CIAC follows the lead of each community in how they define themselves. Communities are often place-based (like the 24:1 footprint in North St. Louis County), experience-based (like those seeking youth mental health services), issue-based (like those who care about maternal health in the Bootheel), population or identity based (like older adults who recently immigrated to the region) or practice-based (like data people gathered through Data for Social Impact). As communities define themselves, overlap, and change over time, CIAC knows that deep engagement is essential to better understand what the community is experiencing and push for lasting, equitable change. 

CIAC can support your Community Engagement needs through:
  • Conducting/Analyzing Focus Groups and Interviews to Answer Critical Questions and Understand Community Priorities
  • Recruiting Diverse Participants for New Programs and Initiatives
  • Translating Data and Research Findings for Community Accessibility and Action
  • Creatively Engaging Audiences in Co-Creating Programs, Strategies, and Other Solutions
Past and current projects focused on Community Engagement at CIAC include:
  • Missouri Support Early Childhood Administrators (MO-SECA) Engagement and Outreach Infrastructure (2023 to Present)
  • Statewide Early Childhood Needs Assessment for the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (2019-2020)
  • Missouri Office of Broadband Development Digital Equity Qualitative Study (2023)
  • Community Safety Study (2022-2023)
  • St. Louis Regional Response Team Collaborative Solutioning Structure Engagement (2023 to Present)
  • St. Louis Zoo Wildcare Park North County Engagement (2019 to Present)
  • Safe and Thriving Community and Stakeholder Engagement (2022-2023)

Interested in working with CIAC on a Community Engagement project? Contact our leadership team at ciac@umsl.edu for more information. 

Interested in working with CIAC on a Community Engagement project?
Contact our leadership team at ciac@umsl.edu for more information.