January 31, 2020 - Strategic Enrollment Planning Update

Dear UMSL Faculty and Staff,

The University of Missouri–St. Louis engaged RNL last September to lead us through a Strategic Enrollment Planning (SEP) process designed to yield a 5-year strategic enrollment plan that fosters long-term enrollment growth and fiscal health. Through service on either the SEP Council, SEP Steering Committee, or one of seven working groups, a multitude of stakeholders from across the university have engaged in the process to bring a holistic, data-informed and action-focused approach to enrollment management.

While these planning processes will continue through the spring, some immediate actions have been recommended and approved by the SEP Council. I’m writing to give you a brief update on these areas.

We are moving forward with recommendations from the RNL consultants to expand our recruitment efforts for adult learners and graduate students. As a result, we are taking a number of actions to support enrollment growth for these student populations, including:

  • The Office of Admissions will restructure its staff and operations to focus more resources toward adult and graduate student recruitment as well as prepare for inquiries from the new UM System eLearning initiative.
  • The UMSL NOW staff will transition to the admissions office as part of this reorganization. They bring with them considerable expertise in these enrollment focus areas and will be a welcome addition to our campus-wide efforts.
  • To align recruitment efforts across our campus, we will be adding additional professional recruitment staff. The College of Business Administration and the Honors College currently have professional recruiters; the College of Nursing is in the process of hiring a recruiter; and we have plans to add a recruiter in both the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education this spring. Additions in other units are under consideration.
  • The Office of Human Resources has been enlisted to help create new organizational charts, titles and job descriptions that align with UM System policies. This information should be available soon.

These activities are certainly not the only recommendations being considered as part of the larger SEP process, but they are ones that demanded immediate action to benefit our university. I look forward to completing the strategic enrollment plan in the months ahead and working with each of you to make it a success for our students and community.

Best regards,

Kristin Sobolik
Interim Chancellor and Provost