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Equity Advisors serve as a resource to support faculty and staff committee work by providing guidance for best practices in the recruitment, retention, and promotion of high-quality faculty and staff.  Equity Advisors serve on committees outside of their own department/work unit to provide impartial and unbiased support for inclusive excellence.  They provide an equity-lens regarding gender, race, ethnicity, and other dimensions of identity so that search, promotion, and other academic processes are equitable and inclusive across all departments/units, including those in STEM.  


Equity Advisor Steering Committee: 

Alice Hall* (ADVANCE Team)
Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs

Matthew Taylor* (ADVANCE Team)
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, College of Arts & Sciences

Cynthia Dupureur (ADVANCE Team)
Professor, Chemistry

Marlo Goldstein Hode* (ADVANCE Team)
Senior Manager of Strategic Diversity Initiatives, Office of Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Equity Advisors are available to serve on search committees (outside of their department or unit) for full-time faculty and administrator positions, executive staff positions, and any staff position that engages with constituents at a campus-wide level or works across departments/units.

Equity Advisors support an equitable and inclusive search process by:

  • Facilitating the maintenance of a sequential and consistent process for reviewing and discussing candidates.
  • Helping to ensure that discussions stay focused on position criteria and the information that may validly be considered (application packets, interviews, presentations).
  • Questioning ‘Good Fit’ reasoning by broadening assumptions about what makes for a good candidate.
  • Advising on best practices when working with known candidates, conflicts of interest, and the option to recuse oneself when bias cannot be mitigated.

Equity Advisors do NOT provide input or advice on candidates or have any decision-making or formal authority. 

If you would like the support of an equity advisor on your committee, please fill out this Equity Advisor Request Form. The form will ask you to identify 3-4 Equity Advisors (listed below) who would be eligible to serve on your committee because there is no conflict of interest nor close working relationship to your department or hiring committee members. Faculty and staff Equity Advisors are eligible to serve on both faculty and staff hiring committees because their expertise is related to inclusive and equitable hiring practices that span all types of searches.  

Equity Advisors:

Bindu Arya, Professor of Global Leadership and Management, Managment Area

Lindsay Athamanah, Assistant Professor, Educational Preparation and Leadership

Alicia Beatty, Associate Professor, Chemistry

Amanda Bequette, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychological Science

Myron Burr, Coordinator of Diversity Equity and Inclusion Initiatives, ODEI

Cynthia Dupureur (ADVANCE Team), Professor, Chemistry

Michael Elliott*, Interim Dean, Dean College of Business

Sherry Fantroy-Ross, Senior Program Manager, Dean College of Business

Francesca Ferrari, Director of the DBA Program, College of Business Administration

Mark Fetters, Business Manager, Finance and Administrative Division

Gerald Gao, Professor and Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Affairs, Marketing Area

Harry Harris, Director, TRIO Support Services

Keri Jupka, Senior Research Associate, College of Nursing

Vanessa Loyd, Associate Teaching Professor, Fellow for Diversity Equity and Inclusion, College of Nursing

Olivia Mendez-Alm, Associate Director of Enrollment Management, Admissions

Amber Reinhart, Associate Provost, VC Academic Affairs

Rebecca Rogers, Endowed Professor of Tutorial Education, Education Preparation and Leadership

Blake Schliesser, Business Support Specialist Senior, Education Academic Support and Administration

Angel Simmons, Director of Fourth Year Clinical Experience, Assistant Clinical Professor, Optometry

Lynn Staley, Professor, English

Tanisha Stevens*, Vice Chancellor for Diversity Equity and Inclusion, ODEI

Keith Stine, Department Chair and Professor, Chemistry

Jessica Swederske, Title IX Investigator and Deputy Title IX Officer, ODEI

Linda Wells-Glover, Professor, Social Work

Wen Zeng, Senior Program Support Coordinator, Educational Preparation and Leadership

*Unavailable to serve as an Equity Advisor, but available to serve on administrator and executive search committees as a member.