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Nathan Dees

Nathan Dees 

Nathan defended his doctoral disseratation in March 2009 and is currently a Principal Data Scientist at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

In addition to studies of neural synchronization in BOLD-fMRI imaging, Nathan's thesis reserach involved the development of computational models of species evolution and optimal animal foraging behavior. His papers on foraging and evolution include:

ND Dees, S Bahar, and F Moss. Stochastic resonance and the evolution of Daphnia foraging strategyPhysical Biology 5(4):44001, 2008.

ND Dees, S Bahar, R Garcia, and F Moss.Patch Exploitation in Two Dimensions: From Daphnia to Simulated Foragers.Journal of Theoretical Biology 252:69-76, 2008.

ND Dees, M Hofmann, and S Bahar. Physical constraints and the evolution of different foraging strategies in aquatic spaceAnimal Behaviour 73(3): 603–611, 2010.

ND Dees and S Bahar. Noise-Optimized Speciation in an Evolutionary ModelPLoS ONE 5(8): e11952, 2010.