Michael NyeMichael Nye’s debut short story collection is Strategies Against Extinction, which will be available from Queen’s Ferry Press in October 2012. He was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. His fiction and nonfiction have appeared in BoulevardCincinnati ReviewCrab Orchard ReviewNew SouthRed Cedar ReviewSou’wester, andSouth Dakota Review, among many others. His work has been a finalist for the Katherine Anne Porter Prize in fiction and nominated for the Pushcart Prize. He is at work on new stories and a novel. He works as the managing editor of The Missouri Review. -

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Jen Tappenden

Marisol Ramirez came to her sense in the fall of 2011 and found the courage to call herself a poet. Earlier, she had tentatively been the future lawyer, the future teacher, the future marketing manager—never the writer. She took her first-ever workshop senior year of undergrad simply for pleasure. The problem with dabbling in passionate hobbies is that they might become careers.  In May 2012, She graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in English and a Marketing Minor, headed for UMSL after a whirlwind of spontaneous applications to MFA programs across the nation. The last time she had taken poetry this seriously was in high school, where she had won the poetry contest three consecutive years and been published in the campus literary magazine. Now she has moved across country, away from her Arizona border town, taco stands, open range, rattlesnakes, chorizo con huevos, purple mountain ranges, and flaming sunsets to do what she loves—write.



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Daniel Musgrave spent seven years doing cognitive research with great apes before the unfairness of captivity finally became too much for him to bear.  For his work on ape gestures, he earned a M.A. from Iowa State University in Anthropology and received numerous awards for anthropological research. Daniel found the freedom of fiction writing to be the best salve for years spent in and around cages once he resigned. Now, his most sincere hope is that his writing will have a positive impact on animal welfare and force us to reconsider our conceptions of what it means to be ‘human’ and be ‘animal’ before it’s too late for many species. When he’s not writing, Daniel enjoys being outdoors, either biking or backpacking, and spending time with his dog and wonderful wife.

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