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Sue Britt

sue britt

Sue Britt earned a general studies degree with minors in psychology, American politics and public affairs journalism and certificates in writing and gender studies from UM-St. Louis in 2000. Afterward, she had a fleeting and hardscrabble career at daily newspapers. Sherefers to her pursuit of the MFA in fiction as “a trust fall into the arms of art,” after having refused the call for several decades. Now in the belly of the whale, she welcomes initiation and hopes to one day return to bliss, and therefore become a living myth. Sue currently works as a freelance writer but aspires to a position stocking shelves at a Costco in the future. Preferably, in Visalia, California. She won Journalist of the Year from the Missouri College Media Association. Her essay “Sturdy Peasant Stock” won second place in the Southern Illinois Writers Guild, The Writer’s Voice, essay contest. Her screenplay, “What Sells" was a finalist in the CinemaSpoke screenwriting competition.