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Tutorials and Library Instruction

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General Tutorials

Subject Area and Specialized Tutorials

Finding Articles

  1. Finding Articles with the UMSL Libraries (interactive tutorial)
  2. Locating a Library Database by its Title (interactive tutorial)
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Search Techniques

  1. How to Use a Multidisciplinary, Full-Text Database  (video; 4:07)
  2. Keyword Searching in Library Databases (interactive tutorial)
  3. Boolean Logic: a practical approach (interactive tutorial)
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What is "Peer Review"?

  1. The fountain of knowledge (video; 00:50)
  2. Those who analyze research (video; 1:56)
  3. What peer reviewers do (video; 2:08)
  4. Peer review is NOT journalism (video; 1:33)
  5. Some characteristics of peer reviewed articles (interactive tutorial)
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Requesting Books (UMSL/MERLIN/MOBIUS)

  1. Requesting Books from UMSL, MERLIN and MOBIUS libraries (interactive tutorial)
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  1. CINAHL Basic Search Tips (interactive tutorial)
  2. CINAHL - Using Limits (interactive tutorial)
  3. Cochrane_Library Search Tips (interactive tutorial)
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Education Database Search Tutorials

  1. Tips for Searching an UMSL Library Database (video)
  2. Finding an Education Database through the UMSL Libraries (video)
  3. Database Search Strategies (video)
  4. Database Search Results (video)
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Specialized Tutorials

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