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Section 1 - Introduction

The Radiation Safety Office would like to thank everyone at the UMSL campus for their cooperation and support in maintaining compliance with the Radiation Safety rules and regulations.

The estimated time to complete the mandatory part of the refresher training is one hour (excluding the optional sections). In order to be given credit for completing the training, please complete the form on the last page. If you have any questions, or need additional assistance, please call 516-6362 during normal business hours.

This online training consists of 18 sections. The information provided should refresh and build on the information you learned in the initial modular radiation safety training program. It is intended to provide you with the knowledge and tools to properly handle radioactive materials. Some sections may have links to additional information targeted for specific users. These links are optional and may be referred to at a later date if your use of radioactive materials changes. At the end of each section, you can use the navigation buttons to move to the next or previous section. You may also use your browser navigation buttons at the top of the page to navigate. Please click on "Go to Section 2" link below to go to the next section.

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