Art History

Ruth L. Bohan 
American Art and Architecture

Yael Even, 
Renaissance Art, Baroque Art, Women Artists

Marilu Knode
Director, Laumeier Sculpture Park, Contemporary Art

Maureen Quigley
Department Chair
Ancient and Medieval Art

Susan Waller
Modern European Art

Jeanne Morgan Zarucchi 
French Art and Architecture

Art Education

E. Louis Lankford
Des Lee Foundation Endowed Professor in Art Education

Karen Cummings
Art Education Coordinator

Luci McMichael
Art Education


Studio Art

Kenneth Anderson
Painting and Drawing

Michael Behle

Jennifer McKnight
Graphic Design

Phillip Robinson
Painting and Drawing

Jeffrey Sippel
BFA Coordinator

Gretchen Schisla
Graphic Design

Dan Younger
BFA Coordinator
Photography and Illustration

Gallery 210

Terry Suhre
Gallery Director
History of Design

Visual Resources Library

Anu Vedagiri
Visual Resources Curator
Asian Art